Friday, 17 March 2017

Honors Rreceived

Honors received

·    Adjudged as the Best Naval Wing Associate NCC Officer of Guntur group four times at the NCC day celebrations held in Nov 2004, Dec 2005,  Nov 2008, and Nov 2009.

·    Recognized as the best ship modeler and was presented a gold medal in the           Refresher Course held from 08-09-2004 to 28-09-2004 at INS circars,                   Visakapattanam.
·  Honoured with Fr.Principal’s Appreciation Award  2009-10 on 06-02-2010  at  the  college day annual celebrations.

·  Awarded the Best performer in Parade and stood first in cross country in the  Refresher Training Course for Associate NCC Officers at INS Eksila,Visakapattanam held  from  01 - 21 , August 2013 organized by Ministry of Defence, India.

·     Promoted to the next Highe(st)r rank lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) with effect from   22nd Aug  2013. 

 ·  Under my headship, for the first time the performance of the Department of      Mathematics was recognized and received
 (i)   the Second Best Association of the year award in 2005-06 and

   (ii)   the Best Association of the year award in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

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