Friday, 17 March 2017

Workshop Attended

Workshop Attended

1.   Attended National Students Leadership Camp /Effective Communication and teaching from        28-30, December 2010 organised by Xavier Board of Higher Education in India, held at        Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.

2.    Attended National Workshop on Computer Algebra System  (CAS) held at Bhaskarachary        Pratishthana  (Institute of Mathematics, and  supported by MHRD, Govt. of        India, Pune from 27 -31, January 2011.

3.   Attended UGC-CPE funded staff training programme on “MATLAB” at Andhra Loyola        College, Vijayawada, on 7th April, 2011.

4.   Attended UGC-CPE funded staff training programme on “Effective Use of Resources on        internet for teaching and research”” at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, on 8th April,        2011.

5.     Participated in the Instructional Workshop on LATEX from19-20, November 2011 organised        by the Department of Mathematics, Maris Stella College, Vijayawada.
6.     Participated in the National Workshop on e-Content Development for Higher Education from        29-31, March 2012 organised by Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum, Christ University,         Bangalore and produced an e-content on “Applications of Graph Theory in Network Field”.

7.     Attended the seminar on MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education held at Fortune        Murali Park, Vijayawada on 13th September 2012 organised by  MathWorks India.

8.       Attended Round table on “ the Role of Technology & Innovation in Education Sector” organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and PWC  at Hotel Taj Gateway, Vijayawada on 18 March 2014.

9.      Attended in the two-day Workshop on “Academic Audit Towards Quality assurance” organized by IQAC Cell of Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada on 6th  and 7th of June 2014.

10.     Participated in the U.G.C. Autonomous grant supported one day National seminar on “Role of Human Values in Higher Education for Personal and Professional Excellence” on 1st February, 2017  organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Maris Stella College, Vijayawada.

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