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Workshop / Seminar Organized / Conducted

 Workshop / Seminar Organized / Conducted

·  Organized an Inter–Collegiate Quiz competition in Mathematics for Intermediate students of Krishna District on 28th November 2003 as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Andhra Loyola College and also acted as the Quiz Master for the same.

·     Conducted the XXXVII National Mathematics Talent Test -preliminary on  03-09-2005 and final test on 22-10-05.

·      Organized an industrial visits to Vijaya Diary on 09-09-2005, 10-11-2006 and 28-08-2007.

·      Organized talks on Research Methodology on 13-09-2005, 26-08-2006 and 14-09-2007.

·      Organized an Inter-Collegiate Seminar on “Applications of Algebraic Structures, Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics” on 26-11-2005: Resource person -Prof. M. Seetharamayya, from central university, Hyderabad.        

·      Conducted Mathematics Olympiad on 30-11-2005.

·      Organized Inter-Collegiate Mathematics Quiz for Degree Students on 06-12-2005.

·      Organized a talk on Yoga for Youth on 07-01-2006: Resource person - Br. Bhikshmaih, Zonal incharge of Sahag Marg.

·      Organized an Educational Tour to Visakapattanam from 25-01-2006 to 29-01-2006.

·      Conducted the XXXVIII National Mathematics Talent Test -preliminary on 03-09-2006 and final test on 28-10-06.

·      Organized a National level Students’ seminar on “Applications of Mathematics” on 29 – 30, November 2006.

·      Conducted an Inter state Mathematical Talent Search Competitions on 03-12-2006.

·      Organized a State level Quiz Competition for Degree Students on 07 – 08, Dec 2006.

·      Organized Career Guidance to Students of Mathematics and statistics on 28-01-     2006, 13-02-2007.

·      Arranged a talk on “Importance of Emotional Intelligence” on 18-02-2007.

·      Organized  Ganitha Ashtavadhana or Octo-Attention in Mathematics performed by Mr.T.S.V.S.Surya Narayana Murthy on 17th August 2007.

·      Conducted the XXXVIX National Mathematics Talent Contest -preliminary on 25-08- 2007 and final test on 27-10-2007.

·      Organized a Guest lecture on “Solved and Unsolved Problems in number Theory” on 13-09-2007: Recourse person- Mr.D.Jagan Mohan Rao, renewed author and recipient of Dr.Sanjeeva Raya Sarma Mathematics award.

·      Organized an “Interschool Mathematics Quiz Competition” on 20-09-2007.

·      Organized Career Guidance on “Today’s Opportunities and Industry Interface” on  27-11-2007 : Resource person - Mr. MNRV .Prasad, branch head, ICFAI, explained the career opportunities to the III year  degree Mathematics students.

·      Organized a National level Intercollegiate Mathematics Quiz Competition for degree students on 04-12-2007.

·      Organized a National level Students’ Seminar on “Mathematics and its Impact on Life” on 05 – 06, Dec 2007.

·      Organized an invited talk on “Origin and its application of Group Theory” on 07-12-2007 : Resource person-  Mr.S.Subhakar, Head, Dept of Mathematics, Nobel College , Machllipatnam.

·      Arranged an Educational Tour to Visakhapatnam for III B.Sc students from 07-12-2007 to 09-12-2007.

·      Organized a State level Students’ Seminar on “Entertainment and Enlightment through Mathematics” on 18-12-2007.

·      Arranged an Educational Tour to Srisailam for III B.Sc students from 20 -21, Dec 2007.

·      Conducted MATHEMATICS EXPO-2008 from 01-02-2008 to 02-02-2008 - 160 Mathematical and 40 statistical models were exhibited.

·      Conducted a guest lecture on “Fields’ Medal” on 06-02-2008: Resource Person- Mr.K.M.Sastry, former Head of the Department of Mathematics and State Best Teacher awardees of Andhra Loyola College.

·      Conducted Andhra Loyola Mathematics Aptitude Test (ALMAT) on 13-02-2008 for intermediate and degree students.

·      Organized Career Guidance on “Today’s Opportunities and Industry Interface” on  27-11-2014 : Resource person – Dr. T. Sri Kumar, explained all the possible areas where carrer opportunities are available for Mathematics students.

·     Arranged an exhibition with many Mathematical models, Mathematical working models, and charts related to school level topics during INSPIRE-Orientation to guide teachers of INSPIRE Awardees 2016 on 25-07-2016.

·     Organized Ganitha Ashtavadhana (or Octo-Attention in Mathematics) on 06th December 2016 at Andhra Loyola College Seminar Hall. Mr.T.S.V.S.Surya Narayana Murthy was the resource person for this event. 210 students of II and III year Mathematics students attended this programme. The purpose of this programme was to remove fear of mathematics from the minds of students and inspire them with techniques to improve concentration and retention skills.

·     Arranged a guest lecture on “Glimpses of Indian Mathematics” on 16th December 2016. Dr. Prabha Satyanarayana Sarma, Mathematics methodology Lecturer in Montissori Mahila College of Education, Vijayawada, was the resource person.

·     Arranged an educational tour to Amaravathi, the capital of new Andhra Pradesh state on 19-12-2016. The master plans to develop the capital Amaravathi by the state government was explained to students so that when they visit Amaravathi after its full development will be able to admire the way it has been built from scratches to sky scrapers.

·     Screened a feature film “The man who knew infinity” which describes the life, struggle and achievements of the great Indian Mathematician Sri. Srinivasa Ramanujan and his contribution to Mathematics in commemoration of the “National Mathematics Day” on 22.12.2016. B. Sc and M. Sc Mathematics students at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada watched this movie and got inspired. The purpose of screening this movie is to motivate and inspire young students to develop passion for learning Mathematics.

·     An Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition in Mathematics was conducted for degree students at our college seminar hall on 18th January, 2017. 22 teams each consisting of three students from neighbouring colleges took part in it. M. Arokiasamy, Department of Mathematics acted as the quiz master.

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